Hurricane Matthew in LaVallee

Earlier this week Hurricane Matthew swept over Haiti causing destruction all along its path, with the southern region where we are located being affected the worst. At LaVallee de Demain we were fortunate to be able to offer our solid, dry, newly built headquarters as an emergency shelter for families in our community whose houses were at risk in the high winds and heavy rains. Now the the storm has moved out of our area, we still have 4 families staying in the building as their houses have been damaged so badly that they are not able to return to them yet. We would like to help these families repair their homes so that they can return to them and your donation will help us make this possible. As our focus at LaVallee de Demain is agriculture and the environment, we will also be leading efforts to bring relief to the farmers in our community who have lost their crops, livestock, and income sources to the rains, winds, and erosion from the storm. These farmers will need food aid to feed their families and support in the coming weeks to continue to provide for their families’ needs as they will not have a harvest to depend on this season. Please use the link below to donate now. Our goal is to raise $4000 to provide this aid to the families in our community. We will keep an updated total of the amount we raise as it comes in on this page. Donations will be managed through our local tax-exempt partner, Living Media International. Thank you for your help!

Donate Now to Hurricane Relief!

Amount Raised to Date: $685 / $4,000

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